starfishProvide functional assessments and evaluations to determine eligibility, establishing educationally relevant plans of care, as well as provide and oversee the physical therapy needs of children 2 to 21 years old, for Part B services.


Provide functional assessments and evaluations to determine eligibility, as well as collaborating with and supporting families of children 0 to 3 years old, for Part C services.


  Assist in the development of IEPs, IFSPs and implement physical therapy interventions individually or in a group setting. 



Train teachers and other school staff in appropriate positioning and activities to meet IEP outcomes.


starfishProvide a Residency site, through the University of Michigan - Flint, for licensed physical therapists, preparing them to sit for the ABPTS Pediatric Clinical Specialist exam.


starfish Offer in-services such as:

      - Educational vs. Medical Model

                    - Sensory Integration and Sensory Diets

                    - Normal is just a setting on the dryer

                    - “Back” to School 

                    - Let's Move!

           Just to name a few.


"Starting out in a pediatric setting was very intimidating for me as a new graduate, but Kim really helped me to feel at ease with my experience.  Kim was a not only a great supervisor, she was also an excellent mentor.  If I was having difficulty coming up with interventions or trying to develop relationships with the staff, she was more than helpful!  I felt I could go to her with any problems I was having and she would do what she could to correct them.  Kim is an excellent therapist and a hard worker; she went above and beyond the supervisor role!"

-Crystal Tereszkiewicz, COTA



Kim Lephart, PT, DPT, MBA, PCS

Board Certified Clinical Specialist

Pediatric Physical Therapy